V1 is an autonomous vehicle that recognizes possible obstacles through IR sensors and responds accordingly.

The vehicle consists of two microcontrollers, two stepper motors, motor shield, one sensor, ethernet shield, a wifi bridge and one LCD

How does it work :

  • An infrared sensor in the front part of the vehicle acquires digital values in the range 0-670 value.
  • The appropriate algorithm converts the values to distance (cm.)
  • This way obstacles are located and avoided.
  • The stepper motors that guide the vehicle turn it appropriately.
  • The vehicle can be driven through the internet since it is equipped with an ethernet shield and a wi-fi bridge.
  • There is also a small screen on the back of the vehicle, in which the distance from the obstacles appears.

Developed by Dimitris Barmpakos, Aris Danasis, Dimitris Zouganelis, Giannis Kokkotos, and Giorgos Xatzis