In last Thursday’s Photoshop Workshop presented by Thanasis Lilis and George Karabelas we learnt how to create 2D Graphics, edit various photos and retouch our own pictures to make them clearer and better.

On the intro of the workshop George presented some basic techniques to create 2D graphics by designing from scratch a dark sky with stars.

As mentioned by George, the design was possible with the usage of a design-oriented tablet, which was demonstrated to the audience and analyzed.

Below you can see a timelapse of sky’s creation:

For the second part of the workshop, we saw Thanasis introducing us to some of the basic tools and techniques for editing digital photos and pictures.

We saw for example the usage of brightness, contrast, sharpness options of the “Camera Raw” plug-in.

In the final minutes of the workshop we saw Thanasis applying retouch techniques to a photo of Charis he took a few moments ago.

Everyone got crazy, had fun and the workshop concluded with QA from the audience.

The purpose of the Workshop was the demonstration of some basic Adobe Photoshop tools anyone could use with ease.