DSG Team took part in this weekend’s Crowdhackathon #insurance. Little we knew, the DaaM platform they built was the one that won the 1st place and the 2000€ prize.

For the first time, in a hackathon that DSG participated, except from John, Stavros and Stavros who are active members of the team, one of the original pre-2014 DSG members, Dimitris was part of the team too.

The purpose of the event was to built a solution for the insurance companies that improves the current insurance infastructure. The theme was pretty abstract and we saw from arduino implementations to web platforms and AI bots.

The DSG team built DaaM, a platform that utilizes realtime driving data from various providers and enables them to see the quality of their customers.

The platform has gamification features, such as leaderboards, prizes and a point system that is heavily based on the data collected from the providers.

For the event the provider of the data was Hermes-V a service that was born here at DSG labs by Dimitris and became a company that now has revenue.

The collaboration between the team members was excellent and that lead to a very cohesive project that was good enough to win the first prize and the 2000€.

As always, you can find the project files and more about DaaM at its project page here in the DSG website.