The post-2014 logo of the Decision Systems Group we are using, designed by George Karabelas.

The logo is the result of hours of brainstorming with the whole team. It took us about a week to finalize the logo and publish it.

Because of the nature of our group, we thought it would be best that the logo had two parts: a brain and some cogs. The brain means intelligence and the cogs technology. Both combined is a good effort to describe Decision Systems.

After this first thought, George created a quick-drawn, which you can actually see below:

George made some more attempts:

The team took notes and after some days we concluded on how we believed the logo should look like.

It was then that George started the design of the logo in Adobe Photoshop CC and came with the following final logo we used with some variations in everythin DSG the following years.

Designed by George Karabelas