DSG Projects: DSGos


DSGos is an experiment from some of the DSG members. It is an unofficial project and will remain unofficial until we have something working to present.

DSGos is a Linux Distribution created from scratch. We chose to create such a distro because we wanted to understand and experience how the heart of a linux distribution works.

Purpose & Future

This is an experiment. We do not know if we succeed. And even if we do, we do not know if we will support the distro. Sustaining a linux distro is extremely time consuming.

We uploaded it at Github because of the ease of work it provide us. Also it is very easy for someone to follow our steps by following the development.

The main purpose of this project is obtaining experience but never say never. If we believe it is worthy for us to make a step forward we will do it.


DSGos is licensed under an MIT License so you are absolutely free to do anything you want with it. For more info see the LICENSE file.

Project Members