DSG Projects: DSG Website


Build on top of Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages the DSG website is a simple blog-aware static site, where you can find all the info you want about the DSG Team, its projects and news.

About the project

The DSG Website is the third one built and the first one dumping the classic LAMP technologies.

It is written in pure HTML, CSS and Javascript, with the usage of Twig templating methods.

It is powered by Jekyll (more about it below) and it is hosted on Github Pages.

The website is developed by John Prantalos.Furthermore, Charis Dimos and Stavros Tsourlidakis built an easy to use Jekyll editor so that anyone without the need of Github Account can post and maintain the website.

Some tech info

DSG Website is a custom-made static site built on top of Jekyll-now, a plug-n-play repo for setting up a Jekyll website in Github Pages.

The theme is a hacked version of Bootswatch’s Yeti Theme which is based on Bootstrap Framework.

For development we used the SASS versions of the Yeti and Bootstrap stylesheets as long as Font Awesome 4 library.

All 3rd party SASS files (*.scss) are imported via the main style.scss which also contains all the custom-made stylesheet classes.

All of the posts are stored in posts folder and their filename must begin with the date they are written. For example: 2016-10-10-post_name.md.

The posts are written in Markdown but if necessary pure html is also supported

There also two more Collections; one for the team members (stored in team folder) and one for the projects (stored in projects folder).

Each page has its own layout, build specifically for it.

Finally, respecting the Github Guidelines, most of the images needed in DSG Website are stored in Imgur and not inside the repo.

Project Members